A temazcal or sweatlodge is simular to a European Spa or Turkish Steambath. Throughout history they have been used for spiritual ceremonies and healing therapies. Indigenous tribes use them for rebirthing and passing through fear barriers that they would not have been able to experience in an alternative way. Opening your body,mind,and spirit,with desire and intention are part of this process.
      When conducting a Temazcal,I use my intuition as to the level of ceremony. I help connect circle energy so all will benifit from the experience.  Most people are not ready for the intensity of a traditional Temazcal,and the high degree of emotional release that goes along with it.  The lodge was built for all levels of ceremony, but has a much more clean and comfortable feeling than a traditional lodge.  It is much larger and you can stand up in it. There is also a pool of water in the center and your feet remain cool. You can control you own level of heat and may exit at any time you wish.  We have certain rules we respect,to hold integrity of the land and Temazcal. We are in darkness and don't allow conversation during the sessions,forms of chanting,humming,singing and drumming are welcome and encouraged. Upon leaving you can cool down with  buckets of water drawn from the well. We than sit around the fire and enjoy the silence of the jungle. We have a delious meal,prepared in a wood oven to enhance the flavor. We than head home for a great nights sleep !
      6p.m.-9p.m.(approx)     $25 u.s.d. per person