This little visited site is located directly across from the snorkeling park of the same name. Its name means “where the water is born”. It’s a compact site, only partially excavated, resting amongst a tangle of trees and vines. Xel-há dates back to Late Pre-classic Period (300 BC – AD 200) yet it was inhabited well into the Post-Classic period (AD 900 – 1541). Its exact function has yet to be uncovered although the sacbé (white limestone road) along with the remains of a muelle (dock) suggest it was some kind of commercial center. Of special interest are the Templo de Pájaros (Temple of the Birds) and the Templo de Jaguar (Jaguar Temple) with their mural paintings. Nearby is a deep, quiet cenote (water hole). Open daily 8 AM – 5 PM. Admission: $1.50. Free Sundays and holidays. Located two hours south of Cancun, directly across from Xel-há ecopark, Highway 307, Km 122. 

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