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Cancun has many different accommodations in both the Hotel Zone and in El Centro (downtown). The Hotel Zone favors all inclusive resorts, international chain hotels, luxury condos and private homes mixed in with the shopping plazas, restaurants and nightclubs that line Blvd. Kukulcán. Downtown is more urban with a vibrant style all its own. Its hotels tend to be more individual family owned operations with the occasional large hotel along the way. 

Your accommodations really depend on how long you plan to stay, your budget and your traveling companions. For short vacations (one to two weeks) you may prefer the "no-hassle" style at the all-inclusive resorts where food, drinks and activities are included. If you have more time, are on a budget or plan to use Cancun as a base for traveling around the peninsula staying in the more economical hotels downtown may be your best option. Renting a private home or condo with more bedrooms and a kitchen may be just what you need for traveling with your family or a large group. With over 25,000 rooms in the Hotel Zone alone, there is plenty to choose from. 

Here are we want you to find the perfect place so you can enjoy your vacation. Check out our listings below and good luck with your search. See you soon!



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