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Under Article 10 of the new Foreign Investment Law, Mexican corporations with foreign owners are now allowed to own real estate in Mexico's previously restricted coastal and border areas. The property must be used for non-residential purposes and the acquisition must be registered with the Foreign Ministry. A FIDEICOMISO, or bank trust must be established for Mexican corporations with foreign owners, foreign companies or individuals to buy commercial property. 

Foreign Investment

With the approval of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in December 1993, the Mexican government loosened up investment regulations for foreigners. The new Foreign Investment Law allows the unrestricted flow of foreign investment into nearly 80 percent of Mexico's economy. In 1994, the new law was changed to allow for 100% foreign direct ownership of travel agencies, cruises and restaurants. Foreign investments in Marinas have a 49% ceiling of 49 percent while domestic and specialized air transportation have a 25 % cap on foreign capital. Foreign investors can now own, without approval by the Mexican government, 100% percent of stock in an already-established Mexican business unless the it falls into the Activities Reserved to Mexicans category or has assets exceeding $27 million US or the annual amount set out by the Foreign Investment Commission.

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