Mexico Tourist Visa / FMT


All tourists entering Mexico must fill out a Tourist Visa called a FMT.  According to the law you must have the Tourist Card on you while traveling (make a copy if possible in case original is lost). You can pick up a card on the airplane or at the border by stopping at immigration as you cross into Mexico. You must have either a current passport or original birth certificate with current ID. Although the cost for this visa is 170 pesos, generally if you are arriving by airline or cruise, your Tourist Card fee will be charged in the cost of your package or fare. They will give you your tourist card to fill out for Customs when you land. This card is valid for a maximum of six months (180 days).  Generally when you arrive you are given 30 days but you can request the immigration agent to grant you a longer stay if they are willing.  If you are only granted 30 days, you can apply for an extension by going to an immigration office and filling in a request form and paying the required extension fees at any bank.